Day 01: Arrive Almaty – o/n

Day 02: Almaty – see the Golden Warrior Prince at the State Museum – Holy Ascension Cathedral – the
Medeo the largest rink – the Green Bazaar – the famous Kurgans(burial mounds) – O/n

Day 03: Almaty – Day excursion to Charyn Canyon – see the wonderful rock formations

Day 04: Almaty – Day excursion to Tamgaly rock drawings – best of Bronze period rock drawings and the Scythian burial pits
Day 05: Almaty/Astana – Flt
See the new rising capital – full of multi culture modern architecture boom – a short afternoon drive to the see Alzhir repression camp what man can do to a man
Day 06: Astana/Shymkent – Flt
Morning flight to Shymkent – excursion to Turkestan – see the mausoleum of the spiritual mentor of Tamerlane, Ahmed Yassawi – discover the horrors of Mongol invasion at the ruins of Otrar

Day 07: Shymkent/Almaty – Flt

End of the tour

*For detailed information please contact us


If you wish to extend your stay in Central Asia we recommend you consider one of the following tours:

Day 01: Shymkent/Aksu Djabagly Park – o/n
Day 02: Aksu Djabagly – full day walks, horse rides in the Park – undisturbed nature of flora and fauna (for best visiting season contact us for details)
Day 03: Aksu Djabagly/Shymkent – Tashkent or flight to Almaty
See a rocket blast off
Day 01: Almaty/Kyzlorda – Flt
Kyzlorda/Baikonur – the Space Museum – hostel of cosmonauts – possible blast off – o/n
Day 02: Baikonur/Aralsk – Rd
Day 03: Aralsk – a day at the last beaches of a dying Aral Sea – see the hope of re-watering efforts
the rusting boats in the sands that was Aral Sea – o/n
Day 04: Aralsk/Kyzlorda/Almaty – Flt
Western Kazakhstan
Day 01: Almaty or Astana/Atyrau – Flt
The booming Oil economy – excursion to Oral River – Caviar treats
Day 02: Atyrau/Aktau – Flt
Caspian Sea beaches – Mangistau – Shakpak Ata mosques – Fort Shevchenko – o/n
Day 03: Aktau/Almaty or Astana - Flt