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Samarkand City Tour

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    Itinerary of «Samarkand City Tour»
    • Registan Square:
    • Ulugbek Madrasah
    • Sher-Dor Madrasah
    • Tillya-Kari Madrasah 
    • Bibi Khanum Mosque
    • Shakhi Zinda Necropolis

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    Details of itinerary & map
    Registan Square, known from the 13th century as a bazaar square was the centre of trade and cultural life in medieval Samarkand. It is surrounded by three madrasahs built in different periods. 

    Ulugbek Madrasah was built between 1417-1420 by order of Ulugbek, a grandson of Tamerlane. This monumental madrasah with portal decorated with five and ten-pointed stars and spirals of majolica was the greatest university of Central Asia in the 15th century.

    Sher-Dor Madrasah is the mirror attraction of Ulugbek Madrasah. Portal is decorated with mosaic tigers and gazelles. It was built in the 17th century, 200 years after Ulugbek Madrasah was erected.

    Tillya-Kari Madrasah (built 1660) is the third madrasah on Registan Square. It has a mosque with golden paintings inside. It was built by the order of ruler Bakhodir Yalangtush, 10 years after the Shir-Dor Madrasah. 

    Bibi Khanum Mosque, once the biggest mosque in Central Asia, it was erected by order of Tamerlane after his victorious Indian campaign in 1399. The architects, artists, craftsmen from all the countries conquered by Tamerlane took part in the construction of the mosque. 

    Shakhi Zinda Necropolis, a site of pilgrimage visited since the 11th century and marked by holiness. It consists of about 20 mausoleums of different centuries built between 11th - 19th centuries. The complex appeared around the grave of Khusam ibn Abbas - the cousin of Prophet Muhammad who it is said to have come to Samarkand in the 8th century. There one can see the finest samples of majolica, mosaic and terracotta tile work.
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