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    History Museum
    Formerly known as the Lenin Museum has been renamed as the History Museum of Bishkek. The highlight of this museum is a collections of the Bolshevik Revolution and The Red Army days. There is a nice display of Kyrgyz culture and the nomadic life immortalised in the ‘Manas’ spirit of the modern Kyrgyzstan. A small collection of stone works of the ancient times include Tombstone figures o... read more
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    Frunze’s House
    A good friend of Lenin, Mikhail Vasilievich Frunze was born in Bishkek in 1885, in his young age became a vigorous communist officer who led the victorious Red Army into the Kremlin Palace in 1917 and later continued his meritorious work for the communist party as an officer and a leader. The old garrison town of Pishpek was named after him as Frunze which was renamed after the independence of Kyr... read more
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    Przhevalsky Museum
    A land mark museum, dedicated to the memory of one of the least known explorer, a forgotten name in the Great Game history of this region. Nikolai Michailovich Przhevalsky was an enthusiastic explorer accredited for his excellent works on flora and fauna of Issikul region. As a young officer of the Czar, Przhevalsky was a highly honoured explorer of the Russian Geographic Society who worked from 1... read more
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    Burana Tower Archaeological museum
    Situated on the site of a Karakhanid period caravan town dating 10/12th century AD Burana named as Balashgun was a bustling stopping station on the Silk Route running down from Tienshan passes to Pishpek(Bishkek).The place itself is fairly large and even covers an area of a forgotton Buddhist site of around 08/09th century AD. Today we can see exposure to the Karakhanid period ruins of rel... read more