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    Customs control
    On entering the country, tourists should complete a customs declaration form that must be retained until departure. This allows the import of articles intended for personal use, including currency and valuables which must be registered on the declaration form. It is advisable when shopping to ask for a certificate from the shop, which states that goods have been paid for in hard currency. Presenta... read more
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    Turkmenistan Visa support
    We can provide Turkmenistan Visa Support ( also known as Letter of Invitation) via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan. As a company involved in tourism, we are obliged to apply for visa support only for passengers who avail our tour services.  Minimum services required are: Arrival & departure transfers airport/hotel/airport. Hotel accommodation throughout t... read more
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    Turkmen as from the name one can guess were part of a great Turkic federation. They were part of Oghuz Turkic federation that formed the famous tribes like Salors, Golmuds, Akhels, Tekke which are then sub divided into smaller units of roaming groups in the desert of Karakum and some settled regions. Turkmens were part of the powerful Khorezmian Empire which was subject to Achaemenian Empire of th... read more
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    Arts & Crafts
    The Turkmen folk applied art is rich and diverse. It includes many kinds of carpets and carpet articles, felts, embroideries and robes, head-dress, the jeweller and women's decorations, decorations for a horse, leather products and others. Peculiarities of the people's system and life are reflected in their crafts. Among diverse forms of folk applied arts Turkmen carpet weaving is the m... read more
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    Culture & Customs
    Turkmenistan is a country of priceless archaeological finds left over by dozens of different tribes and peoples that lived here during many past centuries. Objects found during archaeological excavations show the deep historical roots of the Turkmen culture. One of the most sensational finds in recent years is a small stone bearing unknown inscriptions, dating back to the 2nd millennium B... read more
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    Festivals & Holidays
    January 1 - New Year's Day (according to Gregorian calendar). January 12 - Memory Day of heroes of 1881 battle with the Russians at Goektepe. February 19 - The Turkmen State Flag Day. March 8 - International Women's Day. March 21 - Navruz-Bairam. A New Day or New Year Navruz is widely celebrated everywhere in Central Asia as the day of peace and charity. Navruz is also a holiday of t... read more