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Ala-Kul & Song Kol

  • Itinerary:
    Bishkek – Ala-Archa National Park - Burana - Cholpon Ata - Altyn Arashan - Ala-Kul - Karakol – Djeti Oghuz - Kochkhor – Song Kol - Bishkek
  • Duration:
    12 days / 11 nights
  • Price:
    on request
  • Tour program
    Itinerary of «Ala-Kul & Song Kol»
    Day 01: Arrive Bishkek - Flt
    Meeting on arrival at Manas International airport – later transfer to Hotel Green City
    Later sightseeing tour of Bishkek visit – Alatoo Square – see the changing of the guard ceremony, Manas Monument and fountain, Oak Park the open air painters at work!!
    Later we shall see the Statue of the Mother of the Kyrgyz Nation Kurmanjan Datkha, Old Square, Govt. buildings and the Parliament House
    Lunch at local restaurant
    Afternoon short walks around the Square and see the Tsum Market
    Dinner at local restaurant
    Overnight (L,D)

    Day 02: Bishkek – Ala Archa National Park – 40 kms
    Morning we shall drive to Ala Archa National Park – on arrival transfer Park Guest House
    Later we set off to explore Ala Archa National Park established in 1976 in the environs of Bishkek surrounded by Kyrgyz Alatau ranges. The park offers beautiful views starting at an altitude of 1500m rising to the 4895m the mount Semenova Tianshanski. The Park gets its name form Archa the fir tree as called in Kyrgyz language grows on the higher altitude adds to the panorama of the valleys within. The high glaciers give rise to two rivers flowing down are teeming with trout fish. We shall hike through the valley to Aksai Gorge higher up the views become more beautiful with background of snow capped mountain range – we can see sometimes the Kyrgyz herdsmen on the move through the valley – we pay short visit the shrine of Baitik Baatyr a revered person
    we shall take picnic pack with lunch at a nice spot in the valley
    The upper reaches of park prresence of wild animals like snow leopard, capra falconeri, roe deer, marmots, foxes and even wolves. Many kinds of plants and flowers from tulips to crocuses are found in the meadows of the park
    we shall return in late afternoon
    Dinner at the Guest House
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 03: Ala Archa – Burana – Cholpan Ata – 320 kms
    In the morning we shall depart for Issikul enroute we shall take a side trip to Burana village to see 10-12th AD Kara Khanid caravan city ruins. The city even goes back to 2nd – 7th AD when there used to be a Buddhist Kingdom of Chinese and lately of Tibetan origin – there are no signs left except for some rock engravings of Tibetan style found in the valleys.
    At Burana we shall see a tower in excellent brick architecture of 10th Century AD and could be regarded as early with Arab influence though local tribes by then had stared converting to Islam. Also nearby are interesting Balbals the Turkic funerary stones date early from 2nd AD. We shall also see a small archaeological museum nearby
    Later lunch at a local family house
    Continue to Issikul and on arrival at the first corner near Balikchy we continue but the lakeside which the second biggest high altitude lake after Lake Tiktica.
    On arrival at Cholpan Ata, transfer to Kerven Resort
    Afterwards we shall make short visit to see the bronze period rock drawings spread in a large area above the airport grounds. Dinner at a local restaurant
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 04: Cholpan Ata – Altyn Arashan (2600m) – 180 kms
    Morning we shall depart for Altyn Arashan – after arrival at Tyup we shall visit Przhevalsky Museum and memorial – Nikolai Preshevalsky a naturalist spent his life exploring the plant and animal life around Karakol region. He is known for developing the small horse famous as Przhevalsky Horse.
    Later we shall take eastward road – here we shall mount an old 4x4 Russian Truck to take us through the mountainous terrain through the valley – as we travel we shall see the valley opens up on wide tree less meadow as perfect grazing ground for the Kyrgyz nomads who come here with herds of sheep and horses for the season.
    We shall arrive at our camping spot near the hot springs.
    Afterwards short hikes in the valley with beautiful views of the snow capped Aksu Wall (5022m)
    We can enjoy a dip in the Hot Springs (50+C) after a days walk is very relaxing
    Meals and overnight at the camp (B,snack,D)

    Day 05: Altyn Arashan – Ala-Kul pass (3800m) – Ala-Kul Lake (3600m) – 6-8 hrs trek
    Morning we wrap our camp and head for the beautiful Ala Kol Valley crossing the pass with views of the surrounding mountains. As we leave Altyn Arashan we head to the higher meadows seeing herds of sheep and cows of local Kyrgyz shepherds who stay here for the season. Later we shall make an ascent of 1200m arriving at the top of the pass with views of Tersky Alatoo range with a panorama of peaks Aksu, Djigit, Karakol and Oghuzbashi.
    We then descend for 200m into the green color Ala-kul lake changing colors with radiance of light arrival at our lakeside camp
    Meals and overnight at camp (B,snack,D)

    Day 06: Ala-Kul Lake – Karakol Gorge (2500m) – 6-8 hrs trek
    We shall depart for Karakul descending into the beautiful valley with river and water fall into the thick fir forest arriving at ‘Sirota’ the log house – we shall stop for our lunch here
    It is interesting to see wood carved images of animals and humans
    Later continue downwards follow the river line to Karakol camp site
    Dinner and overnight (B,snack,D)

    Day 07: Karakol Gorge – Karakol Town – 6-8 hrs trek
    We shall first make a radial trek along Uyun tor river to the foot of Karakol Peak(5216m)
    This is very alpine surrounding and you can explore and hunt for wild flowers and trees like Tienshan Blue spruce, shrubs like dog rose, honeysuckle, blackberries, mountain ash, black currant and many others and even some kinds of mushrooms
    later return and walk to the road point where we meet our transport and drive to the town
    on arrival transfer to Green Yard Guest house or similar
    Overnight (B,snack,D)

    Day 08: Karakol – Djeti Oghuz – Karakol - 120 kms
    This morning we shall make sightseeing tour of Karakol Town – visit Russian Orthodox Church one of the oldest in town.
    Later visit Dungan mosque in interesting middle Chinese architecture was constructed by Dungan community which settled here in 1930s disturbed by the civil wars in China
    Later excursion to Dejeti Oghuz the Kyrygz meadow with very interesting rock formation that gives it the name ‘Dejeti Oghuz’ ‘seven maidens’ is a group red rocks
    Later short hikes in the village
    Dinner at a Dungan family house
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 09: Djeti Oghuz – Kochkor – 260 kms
    Morning depart for Kochkor driving along the southern shores of Issikul lake with views of mountains around enroute short off road visit of Skazka rock formations – we shall make short hikes around the interesting formations
    We shall then make our lunch stop at Bokonbaevo village at yurt camp
    Later continue to Kochkhor arriving at a traditional felt making workshop – we shall see the performance of felt spread with wool and then designing by the local working ladies. It is very interesting to see this small co-operative workshop producing some nice materials
    Later transfer to private homes – our Guest Houses
    Dinner and overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 10: Kochkhor – Song Kol (lake)(3016m) – 140 kms
    Morning we shall drive to Kalmak Ashu Pass (3465m) to Song Kol is largest high altitude fresh water lake of Kyrgyzstan. The lake is offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and supports a large shepherd community from nearby villages who make it their seasonal home by brining large herds of sheep, cows and horses
    On arrival we shall transfer to our Yurt camp
    Later after lunch we shall walk around to the Yurt camps observe the life of Kyrgyz herds
    people making milk products – we can see milking of mare, the making of dry yogurt balls, cooking of bread etc.
    Dinner and overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 11: Song Kol – Bishkek – 350 kms
    Morning short walks visiting the local families in yurts, see the petroglyphs and later depart for Kochkhor – lunch at local house
    Afterwards depart for Bishkek and on arrival transfer to Hotel Green City
    Farewell Dinner at local restaurant
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 12: Bishkek/Depart – Flt
    Early morning transfer to Manas International airport for your destination flight
    Assistance on departure
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