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Pakistan: Land of varied cultures & histories

  • Itinerary:
    Lahore - Rohtas Fort - Islamabad - Taxila - Peshawar - Islamabad - Lahore
  • Duration:
    7 days / 6 nights
  • Price:
    on request
  • Tour program
    Itinerary of «Pakistan: Land of varied cultures & histories»
    Day 01: Arrive Lahore
    Meeting on arrival assistance and transfer to Hospitality Inn

    Day 02: Lahore
    Today we shall explore the heart of Mughal Kingdom – Lahore was one of the earliest of
    Mughal capital city before they moved more eastwards to Delhi and subsequently to Agra.
    We shall start our tour with visit of Badshahi or Imperial mosque constructed by the last
    celebrated king Aurangzeb in 1673 AD. The mosque is made of red sandstone which was
    profusely used in the structure, however the interior was decorated with floral designs. The three marble cupolas offer a striking contrast with red sand stone structure. Later visit
    Lahore Fort which is one of the unique Mughal structure showing development of
    architecture of its time from the earliest of Akbar the Great of late 16th century AD, then
    see the gardens architecture of his son and successor Jehangir. Shah Jehan the 5th
    Mughal King was known for his love for architecture and arts, added some of the most
    expensive buildings in marble with exclusive decorative art. Afterwards we shall proceed to see yet another wonder of Mughal architecture – the Shalimar Gardens constructed during Shah Jehan’s time in 1642 were the pleasure gardens of the royal house.
    In the afternoon we shall visit the old city of Lahore – walking through the narrow lanes of
    Old city. 
    We shall make stops to see the Golden mosque with beautiful interior while
    further the most imposing is Wazir Khan’s mosque where tile and mosaic work is best
    chosen with profuse floral designing of the interior is striking
    We should end our walk at Delhi Gateway
    Meals and overnight

    Day 03: Lahore/Rohtas Fort/Islamabad – 371 kms
    morning depart for Islamabad via the traditional Grand Trunk Road – the old road which
    was reinforced and developed during the British rule starting from Calcutta and passing
    through Agra and Delhi to Lahore onwards via Khyber Pass to Kabul. The road infact
    existed during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya about 3rd BC as a caravan road from the Ganges river to its western most extension of the Maurya empire whence Kabul was part of it. Later during the Mughal ruler Akbar the Great it was regulated while Sher Sha Suri who wrested power from the Mughals reconstructed many parts in 16th century. Mughals planted huge tamarisk trees all along the highway whose traces could still be seen at some places. Today the road is lost in oblivion as now there is a modern highway running parallel to it but the significance of Grand Trunk Road is still there.
    Enroute we shall make a stop at to visit the huge and most impressive Rohtas Fort
    After visit of the fort we shall have our picnic Lunch inside the fort
    Later continue to Islamabad – we shall arrive in late afternoon after passing through
    Potohar plateau – known for its unique Soan valley culture.
    On arrival transfer to Hotel Islamabad or similar
    Dinner at local restaurant

    Day 04: Islamabad/Taxila/Peshawar – 165 kms
    Morning depart for Peshawar enroute we shall visit Taxila – dating 5th BC to 6th AD, Taxila was situated on the cross roads to western Asia and Eastern Asia with Kashmir in the north. It was part of the Great Achaemenian Empire in 5th BC, it was invaded by the
    Macedonian armies under Alexander the Great in 326 BC. It was part of the Mauryan
    Empire when Ashoka the Great was appointed as Governor of Taxila during his father’s
    rule in 2nd BC. Then successive rulers of Taxila were Bactrian Greeks, the Scythians,
    Parthians but the best period of Taxila was under Kushan rule when massive construction
    of Buddhist monasteries and stupas took place.
    We shall visit the site of first city of Taxila and later see the huge stupa court of
    Dharmarajika. Later visit Sirkap, the second city of Taxila planned by the Bactrian Greeks
    in 1st BC – we can see well laid out city plan with some interesting buildings.
    Later we shall visit Jaulian Buddhist monastery ruins situated on a high hill with very well
    preserved stupa court and parts of monastery.
    Afterwards we shall visit the Archaeological Museum of Taxila – see the well preserved
    articles and statues from all around the famous site of our history
    Lunch at local restaurant
    Later proceed to Peshawar – with some interesting stops at the Indus river crossing with
    views of Attock Fort built by Akbar the great in 16th century. We shall continue to Peshawar and on arrival transfer to Hotel Pearl Continental
    Dinner and overnight

    Day 05: Peshawar
    Full day sightseeing tour of Peshawar – In the morning we shall start our sightseeing tour
    with visit to traditional bazaars of Peshawar – we shall start our walking tour with Qissa
    Khawani bazaar(story tellers street), Copper bazaar, the spice street, cloth market, later
    walk to local shoe bazaar, the colourful vegetable market. Later we shall walk through the
    busy street to Gold market – see the Jewellery stores with wonderful designs. We shall
    visit Mohabat Kha’s mosque constructed by the Mughal governor in 1630 AD
    Lunch at local restaurant
    Afternoon we shall visit the beautiful Peshawar Museum housing one of the best collection of Gandharan Art – the Buddhist Art in the best Greco-Roman style of art with admixture of Indian decorative art. Afterwards we shall drive around the newer part of Peshawar visit by Governor’s House, the Mall Road and Saddar bazaar
    Dinner at local restaurant

    Day 06: Peshawar/Islamabad – 165 kms
    morning we shall depart for Islamabad and on arrival transfer to Hotel Islamabad
    Lunch at local restaurant
    Later sightseeing tour of Islamabad we shall start with visit to Shakerparian Hills for a
    panoramic view of Islamabad – later visit Museum of Folk Heritage(Lok Virsa). Afterwards
    drive through important boulevards see Pakistan Foreign Affairs, the Diplomatic enclave,
    Parliament House, Presidential Palace, the Civil Secretariat buildings. Later drive past the
    Margalla Hills – stop at Saidpur model village reminiscent of old – proceed to Faisal
    Dinner at a panoramic point in the hills

    Day 07: Islamabad/Lahore – 171 kms
    Lahore/Kuala Lumpur – MA132 -2125 hrs
    morning depart for Lahore via the main highway with short stops enroute
    on arrival we shall transfer to local restaurant for Lunch
    afternoon visit Lahore Museum – one the richest museums of Pakistan
    afterwards visit Anarkali bazaar – the famous local market
    Farewell Dinner at local restaurant
    Later transfer to airport for your departure flight
    Assistance on departure
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