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Tashkent City Tour 02

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    half day
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    Itinerary of «Tashkent City Tour 02»
    • The Amir Timur Museum
    • The Amir Timur Square
    • The Theatre Square
    • The Museum of Applied Arts
    • The Square of Friendship
    • The Abdul Kassim Madrasah

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    The Amir Timur Museum, the newest Tashkent's museum is quite an impressive structure with blue ribbed dome and a richly decorated interior. Most of the displays are the models of Timur's and Timurids greatest building projects.

    The Amir Timur Square is the centre of what was once known as the "new Russian city. It appeared in 1883, when Russians first settled in Tashkent. Since then the Square has always reflected the ruling government's policy at that time. At present a gigantic statue of Amir Timur (1336-1405) mounted on a horse stands in the centre of the square. However, it was not always so. Earlier to him the statue of Karl Marx and before him Joseph Stalin occupied the place. But it all started with the statue of Constantine Kaufmann who was the first Russian Governor of Turkestan.

    The Theatre Square with the building of Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre is the city's cultural centre. The architecture of the theatre, constructed in 1947, combines the European and oriental styles.
    The Museum of Applied Arts was founded in 1937. One of the main attractions of the museum is the house itself, decorated in traditional 19th century Uzbek style. The collection of the museum has on display items made by three generations of craftsmen and covering the entire range of folk art, plus items of the arts industry.

    The Square of Friendship with a monument of the same name in front of the Palace of People's Friendship is a modern cultural city square.

    The Abdul Kassim Madrasah, built in the beginning of the 19th century is on the territory of the National Alisher Navoi Park. The cells of madrasah are occupied by craft workshops.
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