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    Karakalpakstan Regional Museum
    This museum is more known for its rich Savitsky collection jealously protected in Nukus. Igor Savitsky came to Nukus as an archaeologist, painter and collector with a research mission from Moscow. His love for Nukus was imbedded since then finding a place where he could hide his collections of pre and post Russian avant-garde paintings which he collected from 1957-66. He took pains to collected th... read more
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    Historical Museum of Uzbek Culture & Art
    This is a nicely located building nearby the Registan Square, it houses a very good collection of Bactrian Greek periods 3rd BC down to Kushana dynasty 7th AD. Among these collections are numerous pilasters, the bases of pillars of Hellenic origin numerous Buddha heads and fragmentary remains of statues. There is also a collection of ossuary boxes made of clay and designs. These remains mostly com... read more
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    Museum of Fine Arts
    The museum of Fine Arts has rich collection of pre/post Soviet era paintings by different artists from various parts of the former Soviet Union and Europe. There is a remarkable collection of paintings from the Palace of Grand Duke Romanov who brought them from the Hermitage while he was sent in exile to Turkestan. There is a good collection of Uzbek art with decorative door pa... read more
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    Museum of Applied Arts in Tashkent
    There is an excellent display of traditional art crafts housed in the residence of Tzarist Diplomat Alexander Polovtsev who ordered this building to be built to his choice for the traditional Uzbek decor and style in 1898. The exhibits include Uzbek needle work in famous embroidery of Suzanas, the stamp Work on cotton. There is a nice collection of ceramics from different parts... read more
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    History Museum of Uzbekistan
    Formerly known as Lenin Museum, the History Museum of Uzbekistan has recently been renovated and enriched with more exhibits. The highlight of the Museum is a very well preserved alabaster Buddha relief found from Fayaz Tepe in Termez. There are numerous fragmentary remains of Buddha heads and decorative motifs found from different sites around Termez. All these are of great in... read more
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    Fine Arts Research Centre
    This institute has been developed for the restoration and research work by the scholars on the heritage objects discovered from various parts of Uzbekistan. The most interesting section of the centre is the restoration work in the Buddhist section which has a rich collection of various objects like fragmentary statues and terra-cotta objects from various sites in Surkhandarya prov... read more
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    Afrosiab Museum
    Ideally located on the site of ancient Afrosiab the legendary name of Samarkand amid man made mounds from successive periods of her habitation through human history. During Soviet era this place was of constant interest to archaeologists unearthing a huge historical record in the form of an invaluable collection of object now at display in the museums. This was the site of success... read more