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    Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and the largest economic and cultural centre of the country. At various stages of its long history, Tashkent was known as Shash, Chachkent, Shashkent and Binket. The name "Tashkent" is first mentioned in the works of Abu-Raikhon Beruni and Mahmud Kashgari (11th century). Tashkent is the Uzbek word for "stone town". How can we explain this name if in the c... read more
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    Samarkand, the capital of ancient Sogdiana, is one of the oldest cities in the world, of the same age as Rome, Athens and Babylon. It is twenty-five centuries old. During those centuries the city has survived many great and dramatic events. Samarkand saw Saka and Massagets, Greeks and Macedonians, Karakitais, Arab commanders and hordes of Genghis Khan. Under Amir Timur's governing Samarkand became... read more
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    Bukhara is the city, which has been growing constantly at one and the same place beginning from the 4th century BC. Bukhara preserves treasures of architecture of the pre-Mongol period. The total number of monuments is above 400. Bukhara is regarded the largest open-air museum in Central Asia.  "Bukhara-I-Sharif" - "Noble", "Holy" is one of the numerous epithets that were bestowed on ... read more
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    In the north-western part of Uzbekistan, on the left bank of the Amu-Darya River, in the transition zone between the sultry deserts of Karakum and Kyzylkum lie the lands of ancient Khorezm oasis. Khiva is an ancient city in the lower reaches of the Amu-Darya River. Khorezm's agriculture and settlements go back to four, perhaps six, millennia. So, Khiva may be very old. The legend holds that i... read more
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    Shakhrisabz (Green town) is a small town to the south of Samarkand, lying across the hills in Kashka-Darya province. This is Amir Temur's hometown and once upon a time it had probably put Samarkand itself in the shadow. In the early 7th century Chinese Buddhist traveller Huen Tsang visited the Sogdian town of Kesh (Shakhrisabz). This city saw the Arab and Mongol invasions. By 1336, the year ... read more
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    Djizak is one of the important cities on the Great Silk Road with a very ancient history. Its name is translated as "key" or "small fort" from Sogdian. Before the Arab invasion it was one of the biggest cities of Ustrushana. Today it is one of provincial centres of Uzbekistan. For nature lovers Djizak is a perfect resort spot among the Turkestan ranges, comprising southeastern part of the Golo... read more
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    Ferghana Valley
    The heartland of Uzbekistan, as the valley of Ferghana is known, is the densely populated part of the country with a majority of ethnic Uzbeks. Ferghana is the most fertile part of Uzbekistan, with large agricultural output. The Chatkal range of the Tian Shan in the north surrounds the valley, with the Pamir-Alai in the south from where the Syr Darya River starts flowing through the valley. So the... read more
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    The Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan occupies 165,000 square km and is situated in the north-western part of Uzbekistan. The Amu-Darya River flows through the territory of Karakalpakstan. This region borders on Turkmenistan (in the south), on Khorezm province (Uzbekistan) and on Kazakhstan (in the north). The population is more than 1.5 million people. The official language of the Repub... read more
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    Modern-day Termez bears few traces of its colourful cosmopolitan history. However, there are some ancient monuments and sites attesting to more glorious times.
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    Langar Ota
    About 50 kms from Shahrisabz in Langar Ota gorge lies the tomb of Sheikh Abdul Sadyk a revered saint of the region. The place has other graves which belong to his family and also one of the general and trusted courtier of Tamerlane. It is said that during the Tamerlane’s time in the 14th Century many of his best soldiers came from this village. Today many people from the nearby countryside visit t... read more
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    Aral Sea
    One of the largest inland salt water body on earth, Aral Sea lies in the northern western part of Uzbekistan with its northern water front as part of Kazakhstan. The major source of water for sea are two rivers Amudarya which drops its already drained water into the southern part of the sea while in the north Syrdarya is the major source. The constant degradation of water resources is posing a ser... read more