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Islamabad, Pakistan

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    Pakistan - Restarting Tourism
    Now flights are operating on various international sectors into Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Currently Pakistan International, Emirates, Qatar airlines, Turkish airlines, Fly Dubai and Air Arabia are on the flight radar of Pakistan All arriving passengers will require COVID-19 negative test report taken no later than 72 hours of travel All departing passengers will have to check th... read more
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    Hunza valley
    Valley of Hunza was an independent kingdom situated in the high mountains of Karakoram range. The valley has been in habited by people called ‘Hunzakuts’ by their neighbours for over 2000 years. They speak a unique language called Burushaski, no affinity with any other language of Indo-Aryan stock of languages spoken in the region. Before the state was merged in Pakistan, Hunza maintained her s... read more
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    Rohtas Fort
    The impressive Rohtas Fort was built from 1541-48 by the Afghan King Sher Shah Suri to fight against the local tribes of Ghakkars who were allies of the Mughals. This huge fort is built in a triangular form according to the contours of the hill. It is regarded as the finest example of Muslim military architecture of its time. It is strategically located to check the caravan and invading armies t... read more
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    Chitral Fort
    This edifice of the fame ‘the siege of Chitral’ was a strong fortress built probably in 14th century by the local ruler of Chitral, Nadir Shah. It had served as a stronghold of Mehtars or kings of independent Chitral State. The princely state of Chitral was important to the rising British rule in India since it bordered Hindukush mountain defile separating, from the Imperial Russian territories. T... read more
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    Baltit Fort
    At first sight it looks like a Ladakhi monastery, was constructed by the people of Baltitstan (little Ladakh) who carried their old style. Infact in 15th century one of the Mir of Hunza, Aysho the second married Moghalote princess from Baltistan. She carried a large number of servants as part of dowry customary in ruling families. This may be the reason of its construction as Balti constructors in... read more