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Following the Disappearing Aral Sea

  • Itinerary:
    Nukus - Kungrad - Usturt Plateau - Sudochie lake - Aral sea - Moynak - Mizdakhan - Gaur kala - Nukus
  • Duration:
    2 days / 1 night
  • Price:
    on request
  • Tour program
    Itinerary of «Following the Disappearing Aral Sea»
    Day 1: Nukus - Kungrad - Usturt Plateau - Sudochie lake - Aral sea (450 km – 8 hrs)
    Departure from Nukus at 8 o’clock in the morning, to discover the Usturt Plateau and Aral sea life.
    Pass via Kungrad district – which used to be one of the trading centers on the Silk Road. Continue to the Usturt Plateau.
    Stop at the Lake Sudochie, have picnic lunch.
    Visit the fishermen’s house. Old fish factory Urga.
    On the way visit the former Light House, see the settlement of the gas plant.
    Visit airport on Usturt Plateau.
    Stop to take pictures of beautiful Canyons and the collapsed land.
    Arrive to the Aral Sea. Have a walk (1 hour) from the camping ground to the nearby Kurgancha-Kala – an old caravan sarai hidden in the hills of the Usturt. Set up the tent.
    Overnight in the tent.

    Day 2: Aral-sea - Moynak - Mizdakhan XIVc - Gaur kala - Nukus (400 km – 7 hrs)
    Early wake up to take pictures of sun rise.
    Have breakfast.
    Transfer to Moynak village, which is known as "cemetery of ships” nowadays.
    Drive on the dried bottom of the sea, pass the gas towers, arrive to Uchsai – Gas Plant.
    Lunch at the Guest house in Moinak.
    Visit the Ships’ Graveyard, local museum, watch the short video about Moinak life at the museum.
    Drive to Khodjeli city to visit Mizdak-khan architectural complex of the XIV c and Gaur kala ruin that was destroyed by Shingiz-khan.
    Arrive in Nukus around 5 p.m.
  • Details
    Details of itinerary & map
    Additional services and expenses (upon request):

    Prolongation of the Aral Sea trip: from the first campground/descent continue driving along the edge of the plateau.
    Visit Kasakh and Turkmen stone graves from the beginning of 20 century along the sandy road.
    Stop from time to time to take pictures of the scenic Usturt & Aral Sea.
    Arrive at the old military camp on the Sea shore.
    Set up the tent.
    Overnight in the tent.

  • Prices
    Tour cost in USD
      Price available on request.

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