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Incentive Registan Square

  • Itinerary:
    Urgench - Khiva – Urhench – Bukhara - Gijduvan - Samarkand – Tashkent
  • Duration:
    7 days / 6 nights
  • Price:
    on request
  • Tour program
    Itinerary of «Incentive Registan Square»
    Day 01: Arrive Urgench - KHIVA – HY256 - 0635
    Meeting on arrival assistance and transfer to Hotel Asia Khiva
    Later after short rest – we shall walk to the walled city for sightseeing tour of Khiva – we shall visit Ichan Kala, Kalta minor, Kunya Arg, madrassah Rakhimkhon
    See the Hunarmand workshops of handicrafts – carpet weaving, suzzane embroidery and wood work
    Lunch at madrassah Yassaulbashi
    Siesta two hours
    Continue to visit mausoleum of Pakhlavan Makhmud, Islam Khodja minaret and museum, Friday mosque with many pillars.
    Later walk to Tashauli Palace/harem
    Dinner and overnight at hotel

    KHIVA the walled City:
    Until 1870 this was a sovereign Khanate ruled by traditional Khan from the lineage of his old Seljuk predecessors. During the last years of its Khanate it was increasingly a cause of concern for the eastern domains of Imperial Russia – the empire was also worried on the ever increasing influence of the British Empire in Central Asia and in order to check the English advance, Russia had to take swift action by devouring one after another small fiefdoms left by the decaying Ghengezid Empire. The two powers were had already begun The Great Game by influencing Central Asian rulers.
    After the invasion of Khiva – Russian influence was marked with changes alluring the last of the Khan into submission. Imperial Russian hold continued till the rise of Bolsheviks and by 1920 things had already changed to a ‘new world order’ all the semi independent states were merged and rulers deposed, aristocracy killed or ran away to distant India. Khiva was never a Khanate onwards till the breakage of Soviet Union.
    Khiva maintains its old traditional outlook living within the walls as it used to be. Modern changes have done little to disturb the nature of the walled city – it is regarded at the living museum city which has been declared as World Heritage Site

    Day 02: Khiva – Urhench – Bukhara – HY1052 – 1010/1110 hrs
    Morning we shall depart for Urgench airport 30 kms to take the flight to Bukhara
    On arrival transfer to Hotel Asia Bukhara
    Lunch at the hotel restaurant
    Siesta Two hours
    We shall start walking tour of Bukhara with a visit to Lyabikhauz, Nadirkhon
    Devanbegi madrassah, walk to smaller cupola, Mogaki Attari mosque and Tilpak Frushan (hat sellers bazaar)
    Later walk to madrassah Aziz Khan and Ulugbek
    Tea at Silk Road Tea House of Fayz the spice seller!!!
    Free time to explore the market around the hotel
    1730 hrs: meeting in the hotel courtyard(Iwan)
    1930 hrs: Dinner at Old Bukhara Restaurant nearby

    Bukhara or or Bukhara-i-Sharif or the revered Bukhara
    as it is called due to the presence of many holy shrines in and around the city. Bukhara was once the seat of powerful Bukhara Khanate whose control extended beyond present day territories of Uzbekistan into northern Afghanistan and Tajikistan. It was the hub of trade with southern cities of Russia and India where caravans travelled for days through the deserts and in the modern age replaced of long hauling trucks. The history of Bukhara is very old that dates back to early Achaemenid times to the heathen Turkic tribes which swayed their power
    across Transoxiana. It was then the invading Arabs who first sallied into Bukharan outskirts and defeated the local rulers to established a rule that totally changed the history of this region. The other important phase in the history was the invasion of Mongol armies which devastated the cities and villages around Bukhara – Today we can see many monuments which stand to its past

    Day 03: Bukhara
    Full day sightseeing tour of Bukhara – we shall visit Arg Fortress, Balakhauz Mosque, Ismail Samanid mausoleum, Chasma Ayub(Job’s Spring)
    Lunch at Minzifa Restaurant
    Siesta two hours
    Afternoon we shall Poi Kalon minaret and mosque
    Later visit Akbar’s gallery – see the collection of old carpets, suzzane and gillims
    Free walk in the bazaar
    Folk Show in madrassah
    Dinner at Restaurant Dolon terrace

    Day 04: Bukhara – Gijduvan – Samarkand – Drive 4 hrs
    Morning depart for Samarkand – enroute we shall stop at Gijduvan – see the
    pottery works of master potter Alisher – the second generation of Nurzullaev.
    We shall have refreshing green tea at the work shop
    Later proceed to Samarkand
    On arrival transfer to Hotel Grand Samarkand
    Lunch at hotel Restaurant
    Siesta two hours
    Evening we shall visit Gur Emir – the mausoleum of Tamerlane
    Dinner at Samarkand Restaurant

    Day 05: Samarkand
    Full day sightseeing tour of Samarkand
    First Half: Registan Square – see the three madrassahs – Bibi Khanum Mosque – Shahi Zinda necropolis
    Lunch at Old City Restaurant
    Siesta two hours
    1730 -1800: meeting in the hotel hall
    Private evening at Registan: Sound & Light
    Arrival of the guests in dark with sudden illumination of the square – cocktail at madrassah portal – later Gala Dinner at Ulugbek Madrassah with Uzbek classical museum SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT
    Entertainment: Uzbek folk music – Alfiya’s Fashion show – see best of the modern Uzbek costume with old theme

    Day 06: Samarkand – Tashkent – Train - 1700/1910 hrs
    Morning visit Afrosiab Museum and Ulugbek’s Observatory
    Lunch: at Platan Restaurant
    Later transfer to railway station for train to Tashkent
    On arrival transfer to Hotel Lotte City Palace
    Dinner at hotel restaurant

    Day 07: Tashkent / Departure
    Sightseeing tour of Tashkent
    HIGHLIGHT VISIT: Old City – Chorsu bazar – Mustaqlik Maidoni(Red Square) – Museum of History
    Lunch: at Jumanji Restaurant
    Transfer to airport – airport assistance for departure
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