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Into the High Pamir

  • Itinerary:
    Dushanbe – Wakhan - Alichur – Zorkol (Sarikol) – Dushanbe
  • Duration:
    19 days / 18 nights
  • Price:
    on request
  • Tour program
    Itinerary of «Into the High Pamir»
    Day 01: Arrive Dushanbe
    Meeting on arrival, assistance and transfer to Hotel
    Later in the day sightseeing tour, visit of local market

    Day 02: Dushanbe/Kala-i-khum - jeep
    We shall depart for the high Pamir region commonly known as GABAO – mountainous region of Gorno Badakshan. Our first experience will be with a jeep ride over Tavildara giving the first glimpse of the Pamir mountains. Afterwards descend into the narrow pass into the valley with river Pyanj (Oxus) dividing Tajikistan and Afghanistan
    Overnight in a guest house

    Day 03: Kala-i-khum/Khorog - jeep
    We shall proceed to Khorog the regional headquarters of the mountainous Tajikistan more in the history as Badakshan. The drive through the mountains with occasional views of high mountains on either side of the divide is great contrast to Afghan where things have still not seen the arm of development with precipitous route with a herd of pastoral animals. On arrival transfer to a nice guest house by the river side

    Day 04: Khorog/Langar - jeep
    Drive along the river Oxus passing through the Wakhan region of Tajikistan overlooking Afghanistan with beautiful views of Hindukush ranges
    On arrival transfer to local Guest House

    Day 05: Langar/Akzoo Jailoo(3800m) - jeep
    We slowly enter the high Pamir trudging through the highest wilderness
    On arrival transfer to a Yurt camp

    Our trek through high pass to Zorkul (Sarikol) – the large lake forms a perfect spot for Tajik and Kyrgyz herders. The lake divides Tajikistan and Afghanistan where we can see the Afghan Sarikolis and Kyrgyz of Wakhan valley bringing in their cattle herding around the lake.
    Zorkul (Sarikol) is part of the great explorers itinerary who visited these parts in the late 19th and early 20th century. It was the cold of February in 1838 when Capt. Wood reached the headwaters of Oxus river and named it as Lake Victoria.

    Day 06 – 13: Trekking
    We shall start our trekking from Akzhoo valley towards Zorkul lake

    Trekking Stages:
    Ak zoo - Keng tor pass crossing pass (4765m), night in tent camp.
    Ken Tor pass - Zor kul lake night in tent camp
    Zor kol lake - Bel airyk night in tent camp
    Bel aryk - Kol bashy night in tent camp
    Kol bashy - Chekene kol Lake, night in tent camp
    Katar koldor - Chilap, night in tent camp
    Ak jylga - Kok jigit,night in tent camp
    Kok jigit - Ak kalama jailoo, overnight in yurt stay - may sight marco polo sheep
    Ak kalama - Jarty gumbez, bath in hot spring, night in yurts

    Day 14: Jarty Gumbaz/Murghab(3630m) – jeep
    We shall meet our jeeps here to depart for Murghab. Time permitting we shall visit the Shakhty cave drawings 10,000 years old
    On arrival transfer to Guest House

    Day 15: Murghab/Yahshilkul lake – jeep
    This morning we shall proceed to Yashil kul lake near Bulunkul settlement. If the weather is clear we may climb upto the observatory point for a grand view of Muztagh Ata and Kongur Peaks across in the Chinese territory.
    Overnight in Yurts

    Day 16: Yashil kul lake/Khorog – jeep
    Morning depart for Khorog driving on the Pamir Highway through Ghunt valley. On arrival transfer to Serena Inn. This evening we shall ease out Pamir adventure with a nice dinner in a private house with folk music

    Day 17: Khorog/Kala-i-Khum - jeep
    Morning depart for the return journey to Kala-i-khum

    Day 18: Kala-i-khum/Dushanbe – jeep
    This is the last leg of our Pamir ordeal and return to Dushanbe
    On arrival transfer to Hotel Mercury
    Farewell dinner at local restaurant

    Day 19: Dushanbe/Depart
  • Details
    Details of itinerary & map
    Tips to remember:
    Temperatures: Being in an extreme continental zone, the temperatures vary to great extent as during the day could very hot but night could be cold. Due to the rarity of atmosphere the sun is very strong and precaution may be taken against sun burn and strong glare.
    The jeep rides are often dusty
    Personal medication may please be taken though we carry basic first aid box
    Insect repellant could be great help while camping near the watery surroundings
    Please do make sure to carry a dust proof bag for your camera
    A nice binocular for wild life spotting

    Airline: Turkish airlines is the best suited airline for
    twice weekly flights to Dushanbe
  • Prices
    Tour cost in USD
      Price available on request.

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