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Kafirs of Hindukush

  • Itinerary:
    Islamabad - Chitral - Bomburet - Chitral - Mastuj - Miragram - Mastuj - Shandur Pass - Phandar - Yasin - Gupis - Gilgit - Karimabad - Skardu - Shiger - Khaplu - Hushe - Khaplu - Skardu - Islamabad
  • Duration:
    17 days / 16 nights
  • Price:
    on request
  • Tour program
    Itinerary of «Kafirs of Hindukush»
    Day 01: Arrive Islamabad – Flt
    Meeting on arrival assistance and transfer to Hotel Pearl Continental (immediate
    Afternoon sightseeing tour of Islamabad visit Shakerpanrian see the Institute of Folk
    Heritage, later drive to the top view point for a general view of capital city, continue
    down through the main streets looking at various landmarks and buildings. See the
    Crescent and Star emblem, drive to Foreign Ministry, the Diplomatic enclave, State Bank
    of Pakistan, the Parliament House, Supreme Court building, President’s Palace and the
    group of Central Secretariat Buildings
    Later we shall drive to a model village of Saidpur, had been spared removal to show
    how Islamabad was 57 years ago. Later continue to Faisal Mosque with its typical
    Turkish architecture
    Welcome dinner at mountain view Restaurant

    Day 02: Islamabad/Chitral – PK660 – 1115/1225 hrs
    Chitral/Bomburet – 30 kms
    morning transfer to airport for flight to Chitral on arrival transfer to Chitral Town – we shall
    take a short walk through the town while in the meantime to prepare the permit for visit of
    Kalash Valleys
    Lunch at local TirichMir Hotel restaurant
    Afterwards short walking tour of Chitral – we shall start with visit of White Mosque, Chitral
    Fort and later through bazaar
    Afterwards depart for Bomburet Kalash valley – on arrival transfer to Guest House,
    Dinner and overnight

    Day 03: Bomburet
    Morning we shall have walking tour of Batrik and Anish village Kalash villages – it will be
    an interesting opportunity to visit their houses and places of worship to know about
    Kalash pantheon the mill houses and schools. These are great photo ops. keeping in
    view the customs and traditions of Kalash people.
    After lunch at the Guest House we shall proceed on excursion to Rumbur village the
    second Kalash village
    later return to your hotel
    Dinner and overnight 

    Day 04: Bomburet/Chitral – 30 kms
    Morning we shall depart for Chitral make short visit of Birir valley – after wards see Guru
    village proceed to Chitral. 
    On arrival transfer to Hotel
    We shall see a strong Chitral Fort built probably in 14th century by a local ruler of Chitral, Nadir Shah
    Depending on the season there is always probability of Polo Game in the late afternoon
    Also visit local Museum

    Day 05: Chitral/Mastuj – 112 kms
    morning we shall drive up to Birmoglasht above Chitral town for grand views of
    Tirichmir Peak(7708m) – this is also reserve for Capra Falconeri (Markhor)
    Later drive back to your hotel and depart for Mastuj enroute stop at view point of
    Bunizom peak(6542m) above the village of Buni. We shall have lunch at local house
    with local cuisine
    Continue to Mastuj – on arrival transfer to local Guest House
    Later walks in the village

    Day 06: Mastuj/Miragram/Mastuj
    Today we shall make day excursion up in the valley to Miragram village – enroute we
    shall make stops at beautiful view points with grand mountain scenery of Hindukush
    region prominent peaks of Tirichmir and Bunizom in the southwest. The valley is called
    Yarkhun valley which was thoroughfare for the people of upper Pamir and Wakhan
    region. This valley is an important outlet for people of the mountains whose abode lies in
    the highest glaciated zone. Make stops to visit the local homes and perhaps shall have a
    meal will be great occasion to interact with the people of Hindukush
    return in the late afternoon

    Day 07: Mastuj/Shandur Pass/Phandar/Yasin/Gupis – 145 kms
    We leave Chitral district drive up to Shandur Pass (3734m) – on top of the valley we shall
    see the distance Hindu Raj and then Hindukush drifting more in the north merging closer
    to Pamir ranges. We can still see the foot path which was once the route of Chitral relief
    force led by Major Kelley in 1895. It was mid March and the pass was full of snow so
    much so that it had become difficult for the pony driven cannons to trudge through heavy
    snow and even some coolies deserted due extreme weather and fear of being killed by
    Chitralis. However Major Kelley’s force made it in time lift the siege of Chitral Fort which
    had continued for 45 days.
    This is also an interesting crossing point from Khowar speaking villages into the Shinaki
    and Burusashki speakers of Gilgit and surrounding valleys. We shall enter into more
    greener land with simmering lakes and rivers. We shall make a short rest at Phandar
    Lake overlooking the beautiful valley for Lunch. As we descent into more populated
    parts of the valley. The rivers are teeming with trout brown and rainbow species. As we
    head more deeper into the valley we keep seeing the change of views.
    On arrival at Gupis transfer to local Guest House
    Later we shall leave for Yasin valley following the river passing through various villages
    we shall arrive at Tawoos village with beautiful views of Hinudraj Peaks
    later return to Gupis

    Day 08: Gupis/Gilgit/Karimabad – 220 kms
    morning depart for Gilgit we shall enrotue visit Bubur village – once known for its
    Zoroastrian people and special grape made nut bars – later continue to visit Sher Qila
    once main village of Punial valley. We shall continue to Gilgit – visit Gilgit bazaar the old
    hanging bridge, Kargah 8th century rock carved Buddha.
    After Lunch we shall proceed to Hunza valley – enroute stop near Rakaposhi Peak view
    (7788m) on arrival at Karimabad, transfer to Serena Inn

    Day 09: Karimabad Hunza Valley
    We shall spend a leisurely day walking upto Baltit village and Baltit Fort – the houses in
    Baltit are reminiscent of old village made of mud and stones and the old mill house is still
    there though not so much in use as it used to be but still working. It is a great sight in
    summer months to see ladies bringing their produce at the mill house, gossiping and
    laughing. Also under the walnut trees we may see elders sitting around talking about
    daily life. Then slow walk up to Baltit Fort once home to former Mirs or rulers of Hunza.
    Afterwards we shall drive to Altit village and Fort. Altit Fort constructed on rock precipice overlooking the river below and perhaps the caravan road which once carried goods from Yarkand to Leh to Kashmir. This was acting as a look out post for raiding the caravans
    as was the rule of the day until 1869. We shall walk through the village and later drive up
    to Duikar for panoramic views and late afternoon tea. 
    Later return to Karimabad

    Day 10: Karimabad/Gilgit – 110 kms
    morning departure for Gilgit – we shall make several short stops near the best views of
    Rakaposhi peak and villages down below
    On arrival transfer to Hotel Gilgit Serena
    After lunch we shall make short tour of Gilgit – see the old bridge of Gilgit and walk along
    the old street, later visit the commissioner/s house used to be the British Political Agent’s
    residence and office, afterwards we shall make a short stop at the British cemetery – see
    the grave of Hayward, the British explorer who was assassinated on the high pass of
    Darkot. In the late afternoon we might see a polo match as is customary, this game is
    often played on daily basis among local teams

    Day 11: Gilgit/Skardu/Shiger – 232 kms
    morning we shall depart for the most densely mountainous region of Skardu valley also
    known as little Ladakh. There will be short stops enroute as we follow river Indus through
    its narrowest gorge seeing the frenzy of glacial waters.
    On arrival in Skardu after a brief stop for Lunch at local restaurant we shall proceed
    further to the gateway to the mountain throne, Shiger. After re-crossing the Indus river
    we had to Shiger through desert stony drive on arrival transfer to Shiger Serena
    Residence – beautifully conversion from old traditional fortress the home of former rajas
    of Shiger valley. Time permitting we can have a short stroll around the residence

    Day 12: Shiger/Khaplu – 132 kms
    Wes shall spend the morning visiting Khaplu village see the old mosque, Imambarga and
    meet local folks in the village. It will interesting to see the wooden structures in typical
    Ladakhi architecture though Muslim but still retaining Buddhist symbolism in construction
    designs. After lunch at our residence depart for Khaplu, retracing to main road and
    continue through desolate scenery. We shall leave the vast expanse of Indus which flows
    down from Kharmang valley over Kargil. Now continue along Shyok River as proceed
    closer we shall see numerous Balti village. On arrival transfer to Serena Khaplu
    Residence – yet another beautifully converted residence of the former rulers this is a
    beautiful place with nice views all around.
    We shall make short walks to the grand mosque called Chaqchan Mosque is finest
    example of Ladakhi/Tibetan architecture with admixture of Persian designing. The
    mosque built in 14th century when Islam spread in this region by Mir Sayid Ali Hamadani
    who led the Sufi order of Kibrawiyya later passed by his disciple to Sufi Saint Syed Mir
    Muhammad Nurbaksh who came from Kashmir to Baltistan. His order projects pursuit of
    middle order between Sunni and Shia thoughts.

    Day 13: Khaplu/Hushe/Khaplu
    In the morning we shall embark upon in the neighbourhood of mount K-2 however we are
    too close view the great mountain but we can see Masherbrum peak (7821m). This will
    be very interesting road drive with mighty Karakorum range around us have some
    striking moments once we reach Machlu village with its wooden mosques and houses.
    We shall continue till Hushe village at the end of the road drive – this is a popular
    trekking point over Gandoghoro-la to Baltoro Glacier to Concordia further to the base of
    mount K-2
    We shall spend time walk into the village meet the local folks and see their way of life.
    After Lunch at Little Karim’s Guest House we shall return to Khaplu
    Later walks in Khaplu to meet the local folks see the other mosques

    Day 14: Khaplu/Skardu – 118 kms
    Morning drive back to Skardu – on arrival we shall transfer to Hotel One
    Lunch at hotel and then leave for Sadpara Lake – our first stop will be at the Manthal
    village near Sadpara to walk up to a huge boulder with craved image of Buddhas – Adi
    Buddha surrounded of other images of Buddha – Adi Buddha is carved in bhumispara
    Mudra (touching the earth) surrounded by other smaller dates from 8th AD. The period
    from 8th to 9th century AD we hear of Tibetan invasions into these parts extending upto
    Gilgit. After visiting the rock we shall drive further down to Sadpara to see the lake
    later return to Skardu – visit the local bazaar

    Day 15: Skardu/Islamabad – Flt
    Morning transfer to airport for flight to Islamabad – this is a spectacular flight through
    and over the mountains with a sea of highest concentration high mountains
    on arrival transfer to Hotel Pearl Continental
    free at leisure

    Day 16: Islamabad
    Morning excursion to Taxila – we shall visit the site dating back from 5th BC to 5th AD
    We shall visit the site of Dharmarajika the Oldest Stupa dates from 1st AD, later drive to
    the second city of Taxila – Sirkap 1st BC to 1st AD – see city plan, the shrine of Double
    Headed Eagle, the Acropolis Hill and court of smaller stupa shrine. Afterwards proceed
    to Jaulian Buddhist monastery perched on a hill – see the best preserved stupa court
    and monastery quarters. Afterward we shall drive to Mohra Moradu, the royal monastery
    has a beautiful stupa in a cell still surviving since 5th AD
    Lunch at local restaurant
    We shall then visit the beautifully laid out Archaeological Museum of Taxila exhibiting
    artefacts from 1st BC to 5th AD
    later return to Islamabad
    Farewell Dinner at local restaurant

    Day 17: Islamabad/Depart – Flt
    Transfer to airport for your destination flight – assistance on departure
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