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Overland into Kyrgyzstan

  • Itinerary:
    Naryn - Tamga - Djeti Oghuz - Karakol - Cholpan - Burana - Bishkek
  • Duration:
    6 days / 5 nights
  • Price:
    on request
  • Tour program
    Itinerary of «Overland into Kyrgyzstan»
    Day 01: Arrive Torogart border point(3752m)/Naryn – o/n
    Crossover into the republic at high meeting point with beautiful views of Tienshan ranges
    Day 02: Naryn/Tamga – rd
    Scenic views – nomadic camps – horses – the first view of Issikul
    Day 03: Tamga/Djeti Oghuz/Karakol – rd
    Make short visit to the Tibetan prayers carved around 9th AD – beautiful Barskoon valley – stop at Djeti Oghuz the nomadic settlement – Karakol
    Day 04: Karakol – Preshevalsky Museum – Cholpan Ata
    The Tsarist settlement remnants of houses – Orthodox Church – Dungan mosque – Preshevalsky
    Museum and monument – Cholpan Ata by the beach side villas
    Day 05: Cholpan/Burana/Bishkek – rd
    Visit the bronze age rock drawings – completing circuit of the lake – Burana tower of Kara Khanid period caravan town – the Balbals grave stones
    Day 06: Bishkek or Pishpek – small settlement now bursts into an expanding city
  • Details
    Details of itinerary & map
    If you wish to extend your stay in Central Asia we recommend you consider one of the following tours:
    Horse riding & walks
    Horse riding & walks - Travel into the central and remote parts of Kyrgyzstan – horses and nomadic life

    Day 01: Karakol – Djeti Oghuz – o/n
    Short drive to the beautiful Kyrgyz hermitage of Djet Oghuz – take a day horse ride into the
    Valley – taste the best of honey – share talks with Kyrgyz nomads – the traditional folk musicians
    share stories of shamans – o/n
    Day 02: Djeti Oghuz – Karakol – Altyn Arashan hot springs
    return in the morning to Karakol and continue to Altyn Arashan taking a rough jeep track
    through the wilderness of Tienshans, arrive at the hot springs of Altyn Arashan – dips into the
    sulphur waters and relax with beautiful views of the valley – o/n camping
    Day 03: Altyn Arashan
    Full day horse ride to the end of the valley with short side stops – return in the afternoon
    Day 04: Altyn Arashan – Cholpan Ata
    Drive back to civilization – short stop at Preshavalsky Museum and monument and later
    Continue to Cholpan Ata – o/n 

    End of the tour


    Karakol – trek into the wilderness of Khan Tengri mountain habitat or horse ride in the side valleys

    Day 01: Karakol – base of Alakol Pass – start the trek becomes harder as the climb goes on
    to cross the pass and rest at the base near the lake – o/n tents
    Day 02: Alakol – Altyn Arashan – trek
    Start in the morning – another day of climb pays off with beautiful views of the valley down
    leading to Altyn Arshan springs – walk by the river after the pass to your campsite or huts
    end the day with a nice hot dip in the sulphur waters to ward off the trek fatigue – o/n
    Day 03: Altyn Arashan – Cholpan Ata
    Drive out of the mountainous habitat to Issikul Lake – o/n

    End of the tour

    Osh region

    Osh region – combine with travel into China via Irkishtam Pass or into Tajikistan via Kizilart Pass views of Pik Lenin

    Day 01: Bishkek – Chichikan
    Drive to Alabel Pass with beautiful views of the mountain scenery – arrive at Chichikan in the
    setting of gushing river and the surrounding mountains – o/n
    Day 02: Chichikan – Uzgen – Osh
    Drive on the highway leading into Uzgen - the Kara Khanid period monuments of a caravan
    town on the Silk Road branch – Osh city – o/n
    Day 03: Osh – Andijan into Ferghana Valley – Uzbekistan border crossing
    Osh – Sary Tash – views of Pamir panorama – Pik Lenin
    Day 04: Sary Tash – Irkishtam Pass – Kashgar – China border crossing
    Sary Tash – Kizilart Pass – Murghab – Tajikistan border crossing
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    Tour cost in USD
      Price available on request.

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