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Sufis of Central Asia

  • Itinerary:
    Tashkent - Termez - Shakre Sabz - Samarkand - Bukhara - Chimgan - Tashkent
  • Duration:
    9 days / 8 nights
  • Price:
    on request
  • Tour program
    Itinerary of «Sufis of Central Asia»
    Day 01: Kuala Lumpur/Tashkent – HY554 – 2235/0320+1 hrs
    Meeting on arrival assistance and transfer to Hotel Miran(immediate rooms)
    Later in the afternoon sightseeing tour of Tashkent – we shall visit Old City, Hast Imam
    Complex, Barak Khana, Tilla Shaikh archives, Kaffel Sashi mausolrum – see the famous
    Usman period Quran.
    Later proceed to Chrosu market, Kukeldesh madrassah, Mustaqlik maidoni, Museum of Applied
    Arts and Navoi Theatre

    Osman Quran:
    The famous manuscript in the possession of Tashkent archives placed at Tilla Shaikh is
    regarded as Osman Quran after the third Caliph of Islam Hazrat Osman who reigned
    from 644-656 AD had ordered compilation of Holy Quran under renowned and authentic
    group of scholars who produced five copies initially of which four of these were
    distributed in main cities under the Islamic control while one copy was kept in Medina by
    Hazrat Osman. This Quran copy whose dating has been questioned but studies show
    that it was written much later around 765-855 AD but were part of process initiated by
    Caliph Osman and then taken over by Hazrat Ali the fourth Caliph. The only other copy
    to be seen is in Topkapi Museum in Istanbul is also written much later. It is written on
    parchment of deer skin in Kufic script and said that Hazrat Ali took it to Kufa the capital
    of Iraq at that time and remained there since then. The legend says that when Tamerlane
    invaded these regions he carried this Quran to Samarkand while the other legend says
    that Khoja Ahrar Wali a famous Sufi scholar and physician from Turkestan, cured the
    Caliph of the Sultanate of Rum, gifted him the Holy Quran and he brought it to his native
    land of Samarkand. It was lying in Khoja Ahrar mosque in Samarkand when mullahs of
    the mosque sold it to Russian General Abrahmov who presented to General Kaufman in
    1869 who in turn sent it to Imperial library in St. Petersburg. There were copies made out
    of the original and sent to various parts of Russia. However after the October revolution
    in 1920 Lenin gifted the original copy to the people of Tartaristan who are predominantly
    Muslims. But after repeated appeals by the people of UzSSr it was returned and kept in
    This rare copy lies in the archives of Tilla Shaikh in Hast Imam complex in Tashkent.

    Day 02: Tashkent/Termez – Flt
    Today we shall take flight to Termez and on arrival transfer to Hotel Meridian
    later we shall visit tomb of Hakim-al-Teremzi, Sultan Saodat tombs, the Kirkyz fort (Forty
    Maidens) fort and the Buddhist monastery of Fayz Tepe
    Termez has always enjoyed a very strategic position on the highway that leads into
    Afghanistan and subsequently to India. From the time immemorial migrations and
    invasions have taken place from this region into the Indian sub-continent. Whether it
    was the Aryan migrations or the invasions of Alexander the Great or devastations of
    Chengiz Khan’s army, Termez was always at the focal point of history. The first Mughal
    Babur regrouped his followers and picked up all his allied forces here before attacking
    Kabul Kingdom which subsequently led to his entry into the Indian Sub continent
    establishing the dynasty that lasted till the advent of British on the scene. The city of
    Termez and its environs are spread out with many monuments and mausoleums of its
    Hakim-al Terimzi – was born in the 9th century in house of learned family. By virtue of
    this he got the best of education. His father being the scholar of Hadith effected him
    greatly and he himself travelled to Mecca. He had inquisitive approach to knowledge and
    this pursuit gave him education in many subjects. He was often criticized by his
    opponents blaming him for heretic beliefs. It was after his pilgrimage to Mecca that he
    got himself involved in intense practice of praying and self discipline. He gained
    knowledge in repentance and self discipline ‘malamat and nafs’. Al-Teremzi is described
    as the first Sufi to have some acquaintance to metaphysical and cosmological
    knowledge of the Greeks.

    Day 03: Termez/Shakre Sabz/Samarkand – 410 kms
    Early morning depart for Samarkand enroute we shall visit Shakre Sabz, the birthplace of
    Tamerlane. In Shakre Sabz we shall visit Ak Saray Palace ruins, Dorus Tilavat seminary, Kok
    Gumbaz mosque, Dorus Saidat and the Friday mosque
    Later proceed to Samarkand and on arrival transfer to Hotel Grand Samarkand or similar

    Day 04: Samarkand
    Full day sightseeing tour of Samarkand – we shall visit the famous Registan Square to see three
    beautiful madrassahs, later proceed to Bibi Khanum tomb and the Friday mosque. Afterwards
    visit Shahi Zinda necropolis the Royal Graveyard where many of Tamerlane’s family are buried.
    Afternoon visit Afrosiab Museum and site of ancient Samarkand, later visit Ulugbek’s
    Observatory and Gur Emir, the mausoleum of Tamerlane. Later we shall also visit Khoja Akhrar
    wali complex – a saint of Nakshbandiya order

    Day 05: Samarkand/Bukhara – 268 kms
    Morning depart for Bukhara via ‘Shahrah’ the royal road was the traditional route to Bukhara
    whereas many traditional villages and towns still exist with ancient names. Our first stop will be
    at Al-Bukhari complex – this is the shrine of Shaikh al-Bukhari the compiler of Hadith and the
    extended complex. Later we shall see one of the oldest mosque dating back to early arrival
    days of the Arabs in the region around 8th/9th AD. Later continue to Bukhara with a stop enroute
    at the Sitora-i-Mokhikhosa, the summer palace of the last emir of Bukhara
    on arrival transfer to Hotel Omar Khayyam or similar

    Imam Ismail al-Bukhari was born in Bukhara in 810 AD and came from a learned family
    where his father himself was a well known hadith scholar. While in the young age his
    father died but later he was raised by his mother and excelled in narrating hadith at a
    very young age. He travelled to Mecca for pilgrimage at the age of 16 and further attained
    the knowledge in Islamic jurisprudence and exchanged knowledge on hadith. On his
    return after sixteen years he wrote on Islamic jurisprudence. He settled in Nishabour
    where he met Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj where he gained more knowledge on Hadith and Fiqah
    and was known as the collector of Sahih Muslim.
    Later due political problems he left and settled in Khartak village near Samarkand and
    died there, where his grave lies.

    Day 06: Bukhara
    Full day sightseeing tour of Bukhara – visit to include Lyabikhauz, madrassah Nadirkhon
    Devanbegi, Khanaga, Mogaki Attari mosque, madrassah Aziz Khan and Ulugbek, Poi Kalon
    minaret and mosque also visit Miri Arab madrassah
    afternoon we continue sightseeing visiting Ark Fortress, Balakhauz mosque, Ismail Samanid
    mausoleum, Chasma Ayub and the local bazaar

    Day 07: Bukhara
    We shall spend the day visiting the Seven Pirs of Bukhara–the famous Sufi Saints of Bukhara.
    Bukhara has always been known as Bukhara Sharif or the Holy Bukhara was due to the Saints
    who lived from time to time in and around Bukhara. People all over from Central Asia have
    been visiting Bukhara to seek blessings of the sacred saints.
    Our Sufi pilgrimage of Bukhara begins visit of the shrines of the Saints who lived in the
    Following order:
    Abul Khaliq Gijduvani – this shrine is located some 50 kms from Bukhara in the village of
    Khoja Arif Revgari – this shrine is located in Shafir Khon in the outskirts of Bukhara
    Khoja Anjeer Faghnabi – this shrine is located in Vobkent in the same vicinity
    Khoja Romitani Azizon – this shrine is located in Romitan
    Boba-i-Samosi – this shrine is located in Romitan
    Syed Mir Kulol – this shrine is located in Kagan the outskirts of Bukhara
    Bakhauddin Nakshbandi – this is a prominent shrine located in Kagan not very far from his spiritual mentor Syed Mir Kulol

    Day 08: Chimgan
    Day explore the mountain resort – walks or drive around – horse riding and cable chairlift
    spend the day around the mountain resort

    Day 09: Chimgan/Tashkent – Rd
    Tashkent/Kuala Lumpur – HY551 – 2115 hrs
    morning depart for Tashkent – shopping for dry fruits in Chorsu market and other things
    evening transfer to airport for flight to your destination
    assistance on departure
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