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Textiles of Central Asia

  • Itinerary:
    Tashkent - Ferghana - Margilan - Tashkent - Urgench - Khiva - Bukhara - Samarkand - Tashkent
  • Duration:
    14 days / 13 nights
  • Price:
    on request
  • Tour program
    Itinerary of «Textiles of Central Asia»
    Day 01 (Mon): Arrive Tashkent – TK
    Meeting on arrival assistance and transfer to Hotel (immediate rooms on arrival)
    In the early afternoon we shall attend a talk on the Silks of Central Asia at
    Human House by local expert on Textiles of Uzbekistan
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    We shall attend an audio visual presentation on Central Asian Textiles by Muhayo Alieva at her studio and show room. Muhayo has been developing a fusion of local textiles into modern design with an intelligent application of various forms of silken fabric.
    She has been attending various exhibitions and a regular visitor to Santa Fe and other local exhibits – she excels in robust and attractive designs with great outlook of a modern Uzbek design.

    Day 02 (Tue): Tashkent
    We shall spend the day exploring the metropolis our tour to start with old city – visit Hast Imom – Barak Khana seminary, the archives of Tilla Shaikh mosque – see oldest Quran copy dating 7th AD. Later we shall proceed to Chorsu bazaar
    walking through the daily utility market. Next we shall visit 16th century Kukeldash madrassah
    Afterwards drive to Akbar’s Pottery House – Akbar and Alisher is father and son team producing finest form of local
    and innovative pottery and ceramics.
    Later visit Museum of Applied Arts
    Lunch at Afsona Restaurant
    Afternoon visit Abukassim madrassah – see various craftsmen at work in their workshops – all these places are also sales shops
    Later we shall visit Textile shop of Madina Kasimbaeva – we shall be spending quite sometime looking at various dresses and related products of silk designed her.later we shall drive through the town
    Dinner at Jumanji Restaurant
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    Visit of Akbar Rakhimov’s ceramics – Akbar and his son Alisher is a father and son team running a unique ceramics and pottery school cum showroom in a house designed and created in chaste Central Asia style.
    Rakhimov’s are involved in evolving a unique concept of pottery and ceramics imbibing old and traditional pottery styles. Rakhimov an ardent creator of this style is reviving Kushan era (2nd – 5th AD) red pottery style. The creativity of Rakhimov is fusion of old, suzzane patterns and artistic pottery styles.
    We shall visit his show rooms and workshop.

    Day 03 (Wed): Tashkent – Ferghana – HY085 – 0935/1035 hrs
    Ferghana – Margilan – 12 kms
    We shall take flight to Ferghana – later proceed to Margilan and on arrival transfer to Ikat House – private Guest House Our first visit will include: Hoja Ihsan Madrassah UNESCO – visit the private production of Rasuljan and
    son, cloth stamping by Solijan family, tie and dye process, looms, metal chasing
    In the afternoon we shall visit Yodgarlik traditional looms – we will see full process of silk making – from cocoon separating of threads, spindle process, later visit the tie & dye process and coloring room.
    Afterwards we shall visit the looms – see the large hall with many looms at work – each girl doing her own design

    We shall take part in cloth stamping with local help of the master.
    For those interested in weaving could take on a sitting or standing loom helped by local girls. We can also see and take part in the embossing of woolen patterns on silk shawls
    Lunch at madrassah workshop

    Dinner and overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 04 (Thu): Margilan
    We shall spend morning hours visiting traditional Kum Bazaar – hunt for the rare silks and many other materials – see the section of old material.
    The bazaar is very interesting with various articles being sold and is unique than other Bazaars, owing to its gathering reminds of the early bazaars of Central Asia
    Afterwards visit master Fazlettin – travel to his home workshop see production of Bakhmal silk, Ikats and other material
    Afternoon we shall visit Rishton – see the ceramics work of master
    Rustam Usmanov, he is known for his style in tiles.
    We shall see his ceramics museum
    Lunch at the workshop
    later return to Margilan
    Dinner at Ikat House
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    We can have a working session on the potter’s wheel – design a plate or a cup. The master at work will help the
    guests in working in the pottery workshop

    Day 05 (Fri): Margilan – Tashkent – Train – 0705/1220 hrs
    Morning depart for Tashkent on an exciting train journey through Kamchik
    Pass – this high gradient train with interesting route through the mountains.
    On arrival transfer to Hotel.
    Lunch at local restaurant
    Afternoon we shall depart to visit Bibi Hanim - showroom and workshop of textile designer Muhayo Aliyeva – She has been taking part in many Textile Art exhibitions around the world and is known for her styles and stitching of various indigenous silks
    Dinner at local restaurant
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 06 (Sat): Tashkent – Urgench – HY051 – 0725/0855 hrs
    Urgench – Khiva – 35 kms
    Morning flight to Urgench – on arrival depart for Khiva the walled city.
    On arrival transfer to Hotel
    We shall then start our walking tour of the walled city (Ichan Kala) – see Kalta Minor, Kunya Arg, madrassah Rakhimkhon, later walk to Hunarmand workshops for production of local handicrafts – see carpet
    weaving, suzzanne embroidery and wood carving. Later walk to the mausoleum of Pakhlavan Makhmud with fine tile work. Walk later to Islam Khodja minaret and museum, The Friday mosque and Tashauli
    harem quarters of last Khan of Khiva
    Lunch at Yassaulbashi madrassah Restaurant
    Afternoon free time to explore the walled city at your own
    Dinner will be at Zainab’s House for taste of local cuisine
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    Visit the local works workshop ‘Hunarmand’ a former UNDP project for the encouragement of local crafts. Though
    smaller in scale we shall see suzzane embroidery, carpet weaving and wood work. Khiva, former oases now developed
    into a city though keeping its old walls as it used to be. Though scarce in wood, Khivans made use of the local tree
    ‘karagach’ is a perfect teak of the region which is employed in the construction of huge doors and pillars gracefully
    carved by local craftsmen. We shall visit one wood craft workshop and interact with master at workю Carpet collection
    of Kamil Jan – we will then visit the house of Kamil a carpet collector with wide ranging Turkmen, Bukharan and Khivan

    Day 07 (Sun): Khiva – Bukhara – Train49 – 0823/1336 hrs
    (operates Tue/Fri/Sun)
    Morning train journey to Bukhara via Kizilkum - some nice views of the countryside the Amudarya river and local shepherd hamlets in the deep desert
    Lunch Box provide onboard
    We shall arrive in the afternoon and transfer to Hotel located in the old part of the city
    We shall make a short walking tour of Bukhara visit madrassahs Aziz Khan and Ulubek and later walk to covered markets and Mohgaki Attari mosque, Lyabikhauz and madrassah Nadirkhon Devanbegi
    Dinner at Old Bukhara Restaurant
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 08 (Mon): Bukhara
    Full day sightseeing tour of Bukhara – we shall start with Lyabikhauz, madrassah Nadrikhon Devanbegi, later walk to Tilpak Frushan covered bazaar, the metal chaser’s shop, later stop at Tim Abdullah – the traders dome – see large
    quantity of carpet sellers.
    Afterwards we shall visit the workshop and sales of Sovga Gold embroidery – also see the production of silk coats and jackets
    Lunch at local restaurant
    Afternoon we shall visit Arg Fortress, Balokhauz mosque, Ismail Samanid mausoleum and Chasma Ayub
    After the covered market stroll we shall walk down to the oldest part of the Jewish quarters
    Visit the local Synagogue. Later continue to our place for walk to Usto Shagird (Master & student) Gallery of miniaturist Davlat Toshev – see his workshop at home and his collection of miniature painting.
    Miniature painting was introduced from Persia around 15th century AD into
    this part but no denying that it was mostly depicted in the form of mural on a rich man’s house and extensive work of ‘ganch’ was fretwork in alabaster which dates back to 2nd AD and it still survives
    Dinner at local restaurant
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 09 (Tue): Bukhara
    Today we shall attend a demonstration of embroidery class visit Raxkhmon’s Suzzana House – the participants can take part in the suzzane embroidery.
    Suzzane House has got richest collection of Suzzane embroidery in bed sheets, pillow covers, hand bags, table cloth and wall hangings. Enjoy the homemade lunch by Raxkhmon’s wife!

    You will have the opportunity of taking part in Suzzane embroidery – the excitement of Suzzane is very much associated with household, the surroundings of habitat with floral patterns, the fruits of the region and old
    symbols who may have lost meaning but by traditions continue in the local communities. There are many occasions when the girls used to make embroidery on her part of dowry in textiles which is quite exciting as the girl to
    be married puts her imaginations in the embroidery to be taken to her new home.

    We shall then make a short walk to local Synagogue of Bukharan Jews once a thriving community being the oldest habitants of Bukhara
    Dinner at local restaurant
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 10 (Wed): Samarkand – Bukhara – Train – 1548/1720 hrs
    Morning explore the local covered bazaar – at leisure after lunch we shall transfer to railway station for train journey to Samarkand
    On arrival transfer to Hotel Grand Samarkand
    Dinner at local restaurant
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 11 (Thu): Samarkand
    Today we shall spend full day touring Samarkand – the jewel city of the Silk Road days was an important halting station. It was the capital of Tamerlane named it as the ‘Capital of the world’ We shall start our visit with Registan
    Square – see the three beautiful madrassahs.
    While on visit of madrassahs we shall see the local tile maker, calligrapher and metal chaser in Ulugbek’s madrassah you can see collection of local fabrics and handicraftsin plenty later proceed to Bibi Khanum mosque, the Siyob bazaar and Shahi Zinda necropolis with finest example of tile and majolica work
    Lunch at local restaurant
    Afternoon we shall start our tour with visit of Alfiya’s gallery – see the large collection of modern costumes in silks and cottons. Alfiya is designer and exports her costumes to many parts of the world – we can see short
    Fashion show organized at her studio
    later visit Afrosiab Museum and Ulugbek’s observatory
    Dinner at local restaurant
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 12 (Fri): Samarkand
    We shall spend our morning visiting Urgut Sunday market (60 kms) visit the house of Suzzane and old textile collector Gulom in the village
    Light lunch at the house of Gulom
    Afterwards we shall take the mountain road to Shakre Sabz – the birthplace of Tamerlane
    We shall visit the workshop of Gulnara Odilova – she is known for her wonderful floral designs in suzzane very common to Shakre Sabz – coats, hand bags, wall hangings and pillow covers
    Later return to Samarkand – free time to explore the local market
    Dinner at local restaurant
    Enjoy the evening illumination on Registan Square!
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 13 (Sat): Samarkand – Tashkent – Train 1800/2010 hrs
    Morning free to explore the Samarkand
    Lunch at local restaurant
    Later transfer to railway station for train journey to Tashkent
    Arrival and transfer to Hotel
    Farewell Dinner at local restaurant
    Overnight (B,L,D)

    Day 14 (Sun): Tashkent – Depart – Flt
    Transfer to airport for your departure flight


    Kyrgyzstan – see the nomadic crafts – felt making and nomadic jewelry

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