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    Customs control
    On entering the country, all the travellers are obliged to fill in the Customs Declaration Form, which must be retained until the departure from the country. The following things must be shown in a declaration form: cash foreign currency, precious metals and stones, pearls as well as jeweller and other household products from these metals, stones and pearls. Customs inspection can be long and deta... read more
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    Kazakhstan Visa support
    We can provide Kazakhstan Visa Support ( also known as Letter of Invitation) via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan. As a company involved in tourism, we are obliged to apply for visa support only for passengers who avail our tour services.  Minimum services required are: Arrival & departure transfers airport/hotel/airport. Hotel acc... read more
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    The Republic is a multinational state inhabited with representatives of more than 126 nationalities. In the year 2012 the population of Kazakhstan was 16.9 million people. 54 % of the population is urban and 46 % is rural. Annual growth rate is -1.0 %. The population density, 5.9 persons per square kilometre, is among the lowest in the world, partly because the country includes large areas of inho... read more
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    Arts & Crafts
    Folk arts have developed in tune with a nomadic or semi-nomadic way of life. The main items used for decorating are clothes, arms, jewellery, mostly of silver incorporating semi-precious stones like lapis and carnelian, and, to a lesser extend, weaving, embroidery and brightly coloured rugs - all of which have a practical use as well as artistic value. Multicoloured felt mats (koshma), wall coveri... read more
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    Culture & Customs
    On the territory of today Kazakhstan there are more than 22 sites of ancient settlements. In Tangaly ravine, not far from Almaty archaeologists have discovered about a thousand of the rock-paintings, which one can call the ancient gallery of art. The Kazakhs had a well-articulated culture based on their nomadic pastoral lifestyle. Although Islam was introduced to most of the Kazakhs in the 17th ... read more
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    Festivals & Holidays
    January 1-2 - New Year (according to Gregorian calendar) March - The International Women's Day March 22 - Nauryz Meiramy May 1 - Kazakhstan People's Unity Day. May 9 - Victory Day August 30 - Constitution Day October 25 - Day of the Republic December 16 - Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kazakhs love to celebrate holidays and special occasions. During thes... read more