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The Great Khanates of the East

  • Itinerary:
    Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan
  • Duration:
    17 days / 16 nights
  • Price:
    on request
  • Tour program
    Itinerary of «The Great Khanates of the East»
    Day 01: Arrive Ashgabat
    Meeting on arrival, assistance and transfer to hotel

    Day 02: Ashgabat/Mary – Flt
    Morning flight to Mary and on arrival transfer to hotel
    Later proceed on excursion to Merve – see the archaeological site which was once the important town of the Transoxiana. Merve was under the Achaemenid empire 5th BC then was part of the Macedonian dominion under Alexander the Great who claimed the lost provinces of the Persian empire. It was the ransacking and depopulation of city under the Mongols that city never rose to her eminence. We see the great site of human history in detail
    return in the late afternoon to Mary visit the local museum
    Meals and overnight

    Day 03: Mary/Ashgabat – Flt
    Morning flight back to Ashgabat and on arrival transfer to hotel
    Later we shall have sightseeing tour of Ashgabat visit Carpet Museum, History
    Museum and Nissa archaeological site
    We shall later have a visit of Nisa archaeological site – the winter capital of the
    Parthians 1st BC. Afterwards visit State Museum of History which has an excellent collection of objet d’art from various sites.
    Meals and overnight

    Day 04: Ashgabat
    This is an interesting day as the highlight will be a visit to ‘Tolkuchka Bazaar’ the
    Famous Sunday market – see the culmination of Turkmen tribes bringing in their products from the country side and the deserts. See the activity in the carpet selling section of the bazaar with various Turkmen tribes – yomud, tekke, sariks and many others whose names are reflected in the world famous carpets with their tribal designs and affinities.
    Meals and overnight

    Day 05: Ashgabat/Dashoguz – Flt
    Dashoguz/Khiva – 78 kms
    Morning flight to Dashoguz and on arrival proceed on excursion to Kunya Urgench –
    Capital site of famous Khorezm State. This was ransacked during the Mongol invasion of 13th century AD and was considered as the beginning of the Mongol expansion to the waters of Don and Volga.
    We shall see pre and post Mongolid period monuments and shall return later to Dashoguz, crossing over into Uzbekistan. Later continue to Khiva and on arrival
    Transfer to hotel
    Meals and overnight

    Day 06: Khiva
    until the advent of imperial Russian forces, the Khanate of Khiva was standing as a fortified wall against the foreign invaders. Russians had their own reasons being in competition with the British Empire which had consolidated herself firmly in the northwestern of India after subduing the smaller states of the Moghul Empire. Khiva
    then was considered as an important state since this will give them affirming their control over the Transoxiana territories checking any possible advance of the British which were calling shots at Kabul in 1870s. After difficult earlier attempts the Russian forces were able to capture the stronghold of Khiva with strong impact of destroying the walls of Khiva fortress in 1873 and getting the abdication of the Khan of Khiva.
    Today Khiva represents as the living museum of Central Asia – we visit monuments of the past Khiva – the fortress, the administrative quarters, mausoleums and madrassahs converted into small museums during the Soviet era.
    Meals and overnight

    Day 07: Khiva/Kizilkum/Bukhara – 430 kms
    Morning depart for Bukhara via Kizilkum(red sands) – we shall make short stop at the sight of Amudarya(Oxus river)
    picnic lunch enroute
    arrival in the late afternoon and transfer to hotel
    evening short walk to Lyabikhauz – see the local gathering around the pool of the city
    Dinner and overnight

    Day 08: Bukhara
    The powerful Khanate of Bukhara was the most imposing of western khanates of Central Asia. The city of Bukhara was the stronghold of the khanate and it controlled
    the routes to the west with an authoritarian hand in the eastern part of the weak administration of Samarkand. The khanate of Bukhara rose to eminence during the
    Sheybanid rule when they swayed across to the banks of Amudarya with neighboring tribes came in to the allegiance of the Bukharan Khans.
    Bukhara still retains its intriguing character with old houses and buildings which attract the beholder with its architecture.
    We shall see all the day going through the most historic parts of the city
    Meals and overnight

    Day 09: Bukhara/Shakre Sabz/Samarkand – 378 kms
    Morning departure for Samarkand via Shakre Sabz, the birthplace of Tamerlane.
    Tamerlane during his earlier days roamed around gathering followers and transformed his army into the most powerful band of soldiers who later captured
    the seat of Samarkand, which became the future capital of the powerful Timurid Kingdom.
    In Shakre Sabz – the green city we shall visit Timurid period monuments, with a visit to the ruins of Ak Saray Palace whose imposing pishtak reveals an impressive and imposing structure which has been testified by the visiting Spanish ambassador Don Clavijo at the court of Tamerlane
    Later we shall continue to Samarkand and on arrival transfer to hotel
    Meals and overnight

    Day 10: Samarkand
    The maracanda of the classical writers, Samarkand is like a beautiful gem of the ancient cities of the world. Alexander the Great, held his breath to the beauty of this city and supposedly here got married to his Sogdian bride, Roxane.
    Samarkand was the jewel city of Tamerlane being the capital of powerful Timurid
    Kingdom and whose adoration, Tamerlane took personal interest by constructing
    Palaces, gardens and madrassahs on the pattern of Isfahan.
    We shall visit the important monuments of the city
    Meals and overnight

    Day 11: Samarkand/Tashkent – 330 kms
    Morning depart for Tashkent the metropolis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    On arrival transfer to hotel
    Later in the day we shall have city sightseeing tour of capital city
    Meals and overnight

    Day 12: Tashkent/Kokand/Ferghana – 368kms
    We shall depart by road for Ferghana valley more known to the world than the yet another powerful khanate of Kokand. The Khanate of Kokand was extended upto Yarkand into present day Xingjiang province of China. This influence continued till the 19th century. Present day Kokand was the seat of the Khan of Kokand whose influence could be seen to Tashkent. The valley of Ferghana which ran through the heart of Kokand Khanate is regarded as the home of many Central Asian rulers. This was the birthplace of Babur the Great, the founder of Moghul dynasty in India.
    We shall pass through the high Kamchik pass with stop over at Kokand to see the Fort residence of the former rulers of Kokand. Also visit the pottery works in Rishton which are known for their coloration and style
    On arrival at Ferghana, transfer to hotel
    Meals and overnight

    Day 13: Ferghana/Osh – 119 kms
    Morning we shall visit the Yodgarlik Silk factories – see the traditional weaving of Silk fabric. Later proceed to the border cross over into Kyrgyzstan and continue to Osh and on arrival transfer to hotel
    after lunch we shall make short excursion to Uzgend caravan city of Karakhanid period 11th/12th AD. Karakhanids were the powerful eastern khanate rulers who held the influence in the lower regions of Tienshan ranges
    Return in the late afternoon
    Meals and overnight

    Day 14: Osh/Bishkek – Flt
    Bishkek/Issikul – 254 kms
    Early morning flight to Bishkek and on arrival immediate departure for Issikul
    Kyrgyzstan is more of a pastoral culture which rose in the Chu valley with Kyrgyz
    nomadic tribes forming a confederation under local ‘Chobans’ they still inhabit the
    high pastoral grounds of Tienshan ranges.
    Enroute we shall make a short visit to Burana to see another of the Karakhanid,
    Caravan city ruins. Later continue to Issikul the pastoral home of the Kyrgyz tribes.
    On arrival transfer to Royal Beach resort
    Meals and overnight

    Day 15: Issikul/Bishkek – 254 kms
    Morning short visit of Cholpan Ata, see the rock drawings and local museum. Later
    depart for Bishkek and on arrival transfer to hotel
    afternoon short visit of Bishkek town see the History Museum, the bazaar and
    Frunze’s house
    Meals and overnight

    Day 16: Bishkek/Almaty – 236 kms
    Morning departure for Almaty and on arrival transfer to hotel
    Afternoon we shall have the sightseeing tour of Almaty visit Panfilov Park, St.
    Thomas’s Cathedral, the history museum and the Medeo
    We shall have farewell dinner at Kazak Aul with local music

    Day 17: Almaty/Depart
    Transfer to airport for flight to your destination
    Assistance on departure
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    The Great Khanates of the East
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